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Charley Peters' Plan Chest developed from a desire to make unique contemporary art works accessible to a diverse audience of art lovers by selling works on paper at affordable prices to new collectors. The Plan Chest works are small, collectible paintings that share motifs with Peters' current works on canvas, or are drawings or other works on paper that she makes in the studio alongside larger paintings.

Charley Peters is a painter based in London. She exhibits internationally, showing recently at Saatchi Gallery (London), Hauser & Wirth (London), Fold Gallery (London), Z20 Sara Zanin Gallery (Rome), Yantai Art Museum (Yantai), Art 2 (New York) and National Museum of Gdansk (Gdansk). Starting from an interest in the legacy of Modernism, her work considers the manifestation of the abstract in the context of contemporary visual media, such as TV, the Internet and computer desktops. By juxtaposing the familiar sensibilities of the Hard Edge, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art with aesthetics suggestive of the development of the information age, Peters references the language of High Modernism in the context of the recent phenomena of the high tech, filtered through the analogue act of painting.


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